Fair-ly Newsworthy

I’m heading out on vacation later today, and taking next week off from blogging.  I hope you have a sunny and wonderful week, but before you do, enjoy these links:

I like to read articles about habits of certain groups: highly effective people, entrepreneurs, wealthy people, etc.  So I found this list of things the poor have to worry about that the rich never do, interesting.  It was written in response to this article on the Dave Ramsey website.  Rachel Held Evans also disputed some of the misconceptions about the poor in this article on CNN.

A man was arrested in Winnipeg this week on human trafficking charges.

Ride for Refuge is a family-friendly bike ride fundraiser on October 4th.  One of the organizations you can ride to support is the Joy Smith Foundation, which works to fight human trafficking.

If you missed it yesterday, here’s a code to save 10% on Nisolo.

Nisolo Review (Part 2) & Discount Code

Delicias_Toffee_Outside_large I wrote a review of Nisolo when I bought this beautiful bag.  I still use it every day, and over time it’s changed colour slightly and become smooth and soft.

With that great experience under my belt, I decided to order a pair of sandals.  The Delicias sandals are really simple style and work great with jeans, shorts or dresses.  I am usually an 8.5 and ordered a size 8 at the recommendation of the Nisolo website, and they are the perfect size.  I know it can be stressful to shop for shoes online – especially from Canada where it can get really expensive if a return needs to be made, and especially for not-so-cheap shoes.  Luckily the sandals were a perfect fit.

If you’re thinking of placing an order from Nisolo, they recently started a referral program and you can get a 10% discount by using this code!





Summer is already almost half over, and we’ve had a fantastic time so far.  From hitting every farmers’ market we can to play dates and many hours playing outside, we haven’t needed to resort to our “if we get bored” list once.  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Miles and I ran Color Me Rad over the weekend.  We had a blast training and running.

Sam has one more big bike ride (1000 km) over the August Long weekend.

Cinnamon buns with Great-Grandpa has become a highlight for Miles.

Next week is our family vacation, and I’ll be taking the week off blogging.

It turns out, Lochley enjoys opera music and diaper changes have become very cute singalongs.

There is exciting news in our family and I’m not sure if I can share it here yet, so I’ll just say this: I love dress shopping.


Kendra & Ian: One Year Later

I can’t believe I never shared one of my favourite weddings of last year on the blog (actually, I can – last year was crazy).  Kendra and Ian are an incredibly sweet couple, and it was a pleasure working with them.  They just celebrated their first anniversary, so I thought today would be a good day to finally share the photos (taken by Jeremy Hiebert Photography):

These flowers are all grown here in Manitoba, by Strawberry Lane, and designed by Glamorous Occasions.  I was really happy to hear that they chose this environmentally friendly option for flowers, and supported this fantastic local farm. The flowers were gorgeous in person.

kendra ian 1


These carhartts were a great detail (and a great gift for the groomsmen):
kendra ian 4


Kendra & Ian opted for a sweetheart table, and included wedding pictures from parents and grandparents as part of the backdrop:kendra ian 5


Ian’s mother arranged the flowers and did a lovely job:

kendra ian 6


Aren’t they cute?  Happy Anniversary, Kendra & Ian!

kendra ian 7

Fair-ly Newsworthy

Happy Friday!  After yesterday’s post on skincare, here are a few go-to websites for finding healthy skincare products:

Skin Deep – Search products and ingredients in a huge and simple database.

Ethical Consumer – Search the larger skincare (and any) companies for a list of boycotts, articles, lawsuits, etc.

David Suzuki – Lists ingredients to avoid in skincare, and why.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics – Articles on products, stores and general interest in safe cosmetics.

The Story of Stuff – Has a short movie on toxins in beauty products.

Manitoba-Made Products for Dry Skin

For the past couple years, I’ve had dry skin and tried many (many) creams and soaps to get rid of it.  We’re really lucky to have a wide variety of locally made skincare products, and I’ve tested out almost everything local I can find.  For now, a collection of organic/fair trade/locally made products have become my go-to skin care routine.

Here’s what finally worked:



Go Natural Soap & Tea Tree Oil.  I was really lucky to work with the owner’s daughter (who makes some of the products), and she gave me soap and oil to try when I was pregnant, knowing about the dry skin issue.  They worked beautifully (bonus – I have really minimal stretch marks – she says it’s the oil).  As a side note, I don’t really know this family, but it seems to me that if there was ever a family business to support, this would be it.  They initially bought goats as pet therapy for their special needs foster children, and started making soap soon after.  Here’s their “About” page.

AfricanGoldWebPure Anada Shea Butter.  I was happy to see fair trade shea butter made by this great Manitoba company, and finally figured out how to use it best – apply towards the end of a shower or bath.  Almost all my makeup is made by them as well.



Mama Pacha Body Butter.  When I switched to Mama Pacha, I didn’t notice any change for about two weeks (besides the initial relief from dryness, my skin would be back to itchy in an hour or two).  But after two weeks, I noticed my skin improving like crazy. Now I only use it about twice a week and my skin feels good all the time.  I’m slowly switching other products to Mama Pacha as I run out.




Di Erbe Dry Patch Body Butter.  This butter works great for the excessively dry days, or for elbows, knees and feet.  I also like their soaps, and I love that you can go into the store with any issue and the staff is super knowledgeable.

7 Stylish Fair Trade Scarves

On our way home from Bolivia after nearly a year, I walked through the Miami airport feeling incredibly out of date.  I had my hair cut once in the year, and the hairdresser had cut a line straight across the bottom of my hair – beautiful for thick, dark, Bolivian hair but not so much for my curls.  I was wearing a sweater I had picked up at a thrift store in Winnipeg before leaving, and jeans I’d purchased at a Bolivian thrift store.   I had barely worn makeup, and only had mascara (my only can’t-do-without) with me.  After a quick stop at Walgreens and an hour with a hair straightener, I felt slightly better while boarding the plane to Winnipeg.  When we arrived we found the family had compiled a gift for us – a gift card for a family activity, my favourite foods, a cd for my husband and a Summery scarf for me.  It’s amazing how quickly a simple scarf made me feel current, transforming my outfit and my outlook.  For today, here are 7 favourite ethically made options:

7 stylish scarves

1. Lydali

2. Ten Thousand Villages

3. Raven & Lily

4. Serrv

5. Fair Indigo

6. Serrv

7. 4 All Humanity