Eco-Friendly Hair & Nail Care

Hair & Nail CareHappy Thursday!  This is the third post in a series on personal care.  The previous posts were on local skin care and organic face skin care.  Today I thought we’d finish the series  and talk about eco-friendly hair and nail care.  Here are some favourites

1. Baking soda.  For about a year, I washed my hair with baking soda and also…

2.  Apple Cider Vinegar.  They both work!

3.  If you like the idea of apple cider vinegar but miss traditional shampoo, Philip Adam products are apple cider based.

4. Botanique by Himilaya is one of my favourite shampoos.

5. Recently, I got a great hair cut (from Cara at Berns & Black) and asked her what one hair product I should use – she recommended motion lotion by Kevin Murphy, and it has been wonderful.

6. It’s really hard to find eco-friendly nail polish remover, and although I haven’t tried this one by Pure Anada, it’s next on the list.

7.  SpaRitual nail polish has some of my favourite colours.

8. Pure Anada nail polish is beautiful and made in Manitoba.


9 Years Later

Photo: Erin Alexander Photography

Today Sam and I are celebrating 9 years of marriage.  On our wedding day, my maid-of-honour toasted us with “May you look back on your wedding day as the day you loved each other least”.  It’s a common toast, one I’ve heard a dozen times while planning weddings.  And it’s one of those things people say, but you can’t understand until it happens – it’s kind of like the feeling that you could never love a second child as much as a first – how can you possibly love someone more than the 100% you do now?

But it happened, and now I understand it.  Happy Anniversary Sam!

Tina Fontaine

Eco-Friendly hair and nail care was the scheduled topic for today, but I need to postpone it to talk about the terrible news that we received here in Winnipeg over the weekend – the body of Tina Fontaine was pulled from the river.  Tina was in care of Child and Family Services, and it is suspected that she ran away before being exploited and murdered.  She was 15 years old.

And I want to march down the street and yell from the rooftops and hide my children and throw blame around because this is a huge, huge tragedy.  Just last week, a monument to the 1200 missing and murdered aboriginal women was unveiled in Winnipeg, and one washed up on shore just up the river from where the monument stands.  Fingers are being pointed at Child and Family Services and the government and all it makes me do is wonder how many times I, and we collectively as a society, have pointed our fingers instead of extending our hands.  We need to demand accountability, but we also need to accept some responsibility – this is a societal problem, and it belongs to us all.

Our Winnipeg police chief said it best: “She’s a child.  This is a child that’s been murdered.  Society should be horrified.”

There will be a vigil tonight, starting at Alexander Docks at 7pm and walking to the Forks.

Sources: Winnipeg Free Press, The Globe and Mail

Also in sad news: Faron Hall, who was dubbed the “Homeless Hero” after saving two people from the river in two separate incidents, also drowned over the weekend.  His death is not suspicious.


Fair-ly Newsworthy

Usually, I have my links planned out and blog posts written well ahead of time, but this past week has been spent outside and visiting with a good friend and her kids.  Between us, our kids are 6 years old, 2 years old, 1 year old and 2.5 months.  All boys.  We’ve been friends since high school and our friendship has evolved from rollerblading around town to visiting in dorm rooms, weddings and new homes, and now, this.  Today while trying to keep an eye on all the kids, getting in a sentence or two every ten minutes, we looked at each other and laughed, and committed to talking on the phone sometime when the kids are asleep.  Someday, we said, we’ll have time for road trips together and uninterrupted coffee dates, and then we’ll miss the tiny babies in carriers and toddlers joyfully discovering slides and energetic kids stopping in for a juice box.  And that makes me want to cry and take my kids to the park and play all night, so that’s where we’re going.

Nothing newsworthy today, folks – or maybe the joy in these bits of chaos are the most newsworthy things of all.  Have a great weekend!

Eco-Friendly School Supplies Part 2


School supply kit from Stubby Pencil Studio

There are just under 3 weeks until school starts, and we are busily trying to fit in play dates, family time, trips to the zoo, and back-to-school shopping. Last week, I posted about eco-friendly backpacks and lunch kits.  For today, I did a bit of research on school supplies.  Miles doesn’t need any for school (we pay and the school provides supplies) but it’s a great time of year to buy supplies for home art and writing projects.  Here are a few companies selling eco-friendly school supplies:

Green Apple Supply - I think I automatically like businesses that start out of garages.

Life Without Plastic – A great assortment of products for school, kitchen, bath and body, etc.

 Stubby Pencil Studio – Carries art and school supplies, but my favourite are the eco-friendly birthday party favours.  I detest the normal birthday party goody bags and I love the idea of giving one or two small but good-quality items instead of a bag full of junk.

Any other favourites out there?  And for parents shopping at stores, where have you found the best selection of eco-friendly supplies?